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Pro Art Photo-Booth is a premier photo booth rental company serving Chicagoland.
Unlimited photos and prints, attendant, props, DVD with the images, props and scrapbook are part of an all inclusive package offered to capture the live pulse of your event.
Photo Booth EnclosurePhoto Booth Print DesignsPhoto Booth PropsChuck's Birthday Party 30A 3.17.2023Old Florida Fish House NYE 12.31.2022High Flyn' Rewards Ceremony - Miramar Beach, FL 3.27.2022Alana & Ryan  9.6.2014Abel & Sharmeen 5.24.2015Mihaela & Victor 9.11.2016Farina & Sutchin 4.30.2016NFDA Women's Conference 4.25.2015Leah's Baptism 4.26.2015WHS Women's Health Specialists Holiday Party 12.12.2014Caelynn Isabel's Baptism 4.26.2014Joeluke & Tanya 8.24.2014Zones Amplify 2.5.2016Alexandra's Baptism 4.16.2016Smart Source 12.3.2016Costco No. 1074 - 12.10.2016Smart Source 12.3.2017Costco 1.6.2018Cristina & Richie 6.16.2018George Busuioc 9.5.2018Justin Bivol 7.20.2018Luca Alexandru Trif 9.30.2018New Year's 2019 Bash @ Café la Cave 12.31.2018Smart Source 12.8.2018Alex Busuioc 11.17.2018MHC - Valentine's Day 2.14.2019Anabella Moldoveanu 10.19.2019Client Appreciation Day 11.24.2019Costco Holiday Party 1.25.2020Adam & Steven 2.22.2020Rachael's Bridal Shower 5.1.2021The Island Kick Off Summer Party 2021Rachel & Jason 12.4.2021